About Us

So it seems that you are really interested to know ‘about us’. Thank you very much! It feels nice to see that somebody is interested in knowing about us, how & why this website has been created [we are soon coming up with an mobile app].

Well here is the story……., to begin…..firstly we would like to thank Mumbai’s scorching heat which has given us so many sleepless nights. In those days of summer, the only place I could find some sleep was my office, it wasn’t because of the work, it was because of the Air Conditioner (short form – A/C).

So the only solution to get out of these sleepless nights was to buy an A/C. OH! I forgot to tell you one thing and that is …….I live in a rented apartment in Mumbai.

So now I started looking out for the perfect A/C for my house. I visited many electronic shops & online portals, and almost decided to buy an ABC A/C [not getting paid to endorse the brand]. Then it struck my mind, eventually I will have to move from this place. So what…..I will be caring the A/C. But what if the new apartment already has an A/C or the present AC is not sufficient for the new apartment. For a brief moment, I thought of buying a second hand A/C – which could be sold off if I have to move. The very next moment……. I thought why not rent an A/C. I don’t have to spend huge money in buying AC. My expense would be limited, I can upgrade anytime easily….. And yes I need not carry when I change apartments. The best reason amongst all, is I will only pay the rent for the time I use (monsoon and winters don’t need A/C) & so I decide to rent an A/C.

But – How ???

There are portals where you can buy new products and you also find portals for second hand products.

Then where do I look for portals for rented products. OH YES……there are shops for rented products but how do I find them… ???

I had to put in lot of efforts and time searching for people giving A/C on rent. After a long search, investing lot of time & energy, I came across two dealers and at last rented an A/C So the above experience of mine made me realize that renting a product is not an easy job. How does one make it easy and convenient – ONLINE ! OH yes if products could be taken on rent at the comfort of sitting at home and having the option of checking different product lines and competitive prices.

And then I came up with this idea of creating a website which could let you take products/services on rent which also allows dealers/suppliers to place a wide variety of products for rent.

And here we have this website for you….enjoy renting !